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Cleaning is an essential activity each day, every day, week in week out, 365 days of the year, every home, every commercial enterprise or industrial location cleans or is cleaned....!

NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD SOUTH AFRICA are the sole importers of NUMATIC machines, cleaning equipment and vacuum systems. The company is the South African subsidiary of NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, UNITED KINGDOM.

NUMATIC are committed to ensure that users of NUMATIC machines receive the best service available. The following is a brief company profile.



NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED started manufacturing in 1969 in the United Kingdom. Today they have facilities at Chard Sommerset on 9 hectares with over 26 000 square metres of production space, employing more than 700 people and producing at least 3000 products per day. Today NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL is the single largest manufacturer in Europe. 

NUMATIC SOUTH AFRICA enjoys all the back up and service of our mother company. NUMATIC machines have been available in South Africa since 1980.The NUMATIC Silent Vacuum Cleaners are covered by PATENT NO.94/9196

In the manufacture of their equipment, NUMATIC use a material called Structafoam, unique to NUMATIC and yet unsurpassed in terms of quality and durability. Structafoam is tough, durable and totally corrosion resistant, with superb noise reduction characteristics